The Company

Everest is a leading brand in the Greek snack and coffee market that has been operating for over 50 years. The brand holds a large footprint in the city network market with central locations in Athens & Thessaloniki. It has also developed extensively in the travel industry. With more than 200 points of sale, everest  servs more than 100,000 customers daily.

In 1965 the first Everest branch opens its doors on Tsakalof Street, in Kolonaki. In just a few years it became part of the daily city life, a meeting point for morning appointments, strolls and shopping and an essential stop before heading home after an evening out. Although everest is mainly known for the legendary zesto sandwich, it has also managed to dominate the highly competitive coffee market. It is the first chain in Greece that offered its customers the opportunity to choose between 2 coffee blends with different taste characteristics and different prices, investing even more in personalization which is a key feature of the brand.

Everest has played a significant role in shaping the street food market in Greece, being the first chain to be developed following the international trends in this field. Thus, the evolution of the company is depicted by:

  • Constant adaptation to the lifestyle of the people of the city
  • Constant experimentation and search for new flavors and innovations
  • Easy access/availability through the wide network of stores and 24-hour operation

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