Protection measures

Health & safety rules are a key component of success for everest.

 We apply strict hygiene and safety processes, which among others include daily inspections as well as constant information & training of all our staff.

In addition, we monitor developments in order to enrich and constantly adapt the preventive measures we take, according to the needs that arise, always aiming at your best service, as well as the protection of our employees.

Precautionary Measures to protect customers and employees:

  • Regular cleaning and disinfection programs with appropriate disinfectant formulations approved by the E.O.F.
  • Systematic disinfection of surfaces in all areas of the store, toilets, food processing and handling areas as well as equipment, utensils and all tools, emphasizing on points of common contact and use
  • Intensification of a "cold spray" preventive, disinfection program, carried out by specialized staff and licensed associates with approved EOF formulations. Implementation of all required prevention and protection measures by issuing corresponding certificates.
  • Strict personal hygiene measures that include frequent hand washing and disinfection of hands with an alcoholic solution.
  • Use of protective equipment (gloves, masks, face shields) depending on the job position of each employee according to the instructions of the competent authorities
  • Temporary cessation of the use of reusable glasses
  • Harmonization with the relevant instructions of the competent authorities for keeping distances in our stores

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