Black Friday Month Deals


Black Friday is approaching and as in every year, the joy of the people is indescribable! Only .. on everest, Black Friday is celebrated for the whole month! So, we ended up at Black Friday Month Deals, where you will undoubtedly find something to suit your tastes!

5 unique Black Friday offers , which you can enjoy from 1/11 up to on 30/11 via Online purchase from everest.gr or everest app , for collection with Delivery at your place or with Take Away from the store that serves you. And we repeat, not one, not two offers, but 5!

If you are the authentic everest fan who wants to enjoy the most original everest flavors and even with your favorite company, then you will celebrate Black Friday Month every day, with a 1 + 1 zesto sandwich! So simply, when you get a legendary zesto you then get another one for free! Or if you want something different, you will definitely find joy, enjoying a Club Sandwich and a Coca-Cola for € 4.00 < / strong>. If this does not cover you and you are undecided, you can enjoy your zesto with Coca-Cola and if being registered in the everest loyalty program, < strong> Bite Club , then you win a € 1 return voucher for your next order to spend as you wish. If you are finally fit, then you will definitely choose to get your bun for free with every coffee of your choice or to get your favorite tortilla with a Schweppes with only € 3.50!

Enjoy them wisely - or not!

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