New handmade pies almost like your mom's!


Three new, delicious pies are now coming to everest, so you may enjoy the aroma and taste of authentic feta cheese, the extra virgin olive oil and the aromatic crea!

The Handmade Cheesecake Bake and the Handmade Bread Spinach Pie with PDO feta and extra virgin olive oil and the Authentic Bougatsa of Istanbul with cream and crispy air leaf, are prepared using the purest ingredients in the most traditional way. Almost like mom's pies!

Come to an everest store, try our new handmade pies now, and we will give you as a gift the coffee of your choice or a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice for fee!

With the purchase of Handmade pan cheese pie with FETA POP or Handmade spinach pan pie with FETA PDO or Bougatsa of Istanbul or Cheese pie with Philadelphia we offer you a coffee of your choice in Single or Regular size (except freddocco) size as a gift. The offer is valid until 8/3/2019 in everest stores with the special marking, daily from 6am to 7pm. The offer is not valid for online purchases or take away or delivery, for purchases from stores within the BCC, airports and ships and can not be combined with other offers or special prices.

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